The Life of Faith


By: Manton, Thomas


ISBN: 9781857922486

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What sort of things do cults believe and how can you recognise them?

Normally you would have to spend a lot of time going to many different sources to get the information packed into this booklet. There are so many new religious groups, how can you tell whether they are part of the church or not? This vital book will help you decide.

Bryan Williams has summarised the beliefs of cults into 26 sections, each headed by a letter of the alphabet. In a helpful index he has also listed the major cults and tells you which sections of the book are applicable to each one.

This is a great ‘ready reckoner’ to have to hand when a member of a cult calls on you or if you want to check whether someone is as orthodox as you think.

You can also use it to increase your awareness of behaviour that could lead to cult-like activity in the church.