The Legacy of Biblical Womanhood


By: Hunt & Thompson

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ISBN: 1581344546

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Many Christian women are floundering – they are confused about what it means to be a Christian woman. Churches aren’t sounding a clear call to biblical womanhood, much less teaching what it is. On top of that, precious few resources exist to help disciple women in the biblical image of womanhood.

In this book Susan Hunt and Barbara Thompson call women to pass on a legacy of biblical womanhood to the next generation.

Part One gives a defense of biblical womanhood, urging women to follow God’s design.

Part Two applies the principles of biblical womanhood to the stages of a woman’s life. This includes a chapter about what it means to have a pilgrim’s perspective through the final season of life on earth.

Part Three appeals to churches to equip women to live out and to leave the legacy of biblical womanhood and includes practical guidance for ministering to women.

When combined with Crossway’s Spiritual MotheringBy Design, and The True Woman, this book will breathe new life into women’s ministries in the church.





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