Just Say Thanks!


By: Kendall, R T


ISBN: 9781591856276

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ARE YOU …More likely to criticize than to praise? …Quicker to complain than to thank? …Apt to Vent disappointment before expressing thankfulness? If you have to answer yes to these questions, you probably need to learn to be more grateful and appreciative. “GIVE THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, FOR THIS IS GOD’S WILL FOR YOU…” This book’s life-changing message will enable you to discover:

  • Why gratitude must be taught
  • The power of offering a “sacrifice of praise” during times of adversity
  • Why God’s Word instructs us to have a grateful heart
  • How you have God’s undivided attention when you say “thank you”
  • A greater anointing that comes from giving thanks to God
  • What you should be most thankful for
  • Why sanctification is called the “doctrine of gratitude”

Get ready to learn why and how to thank God-causing you to receive the blessing that comes from the right attitude.