Joy of Encouragement, The


By: Jeremiah, David


ISBN: 9781590527030

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The Greatest Healing Agent Known to Mankind 

What is loneliness but the echo of an unanswered cry for love? What is the wounded soul but one aching for hope? Although most people have not received a minute?s training in medicine, everyone can offer anyone the greatest power of healing available: that of encouragement. In this readable, practical, and enjoyable book, popular pastor, author, and radio minister Dr. David Jeremiah examines the heart of encouragement?self-giving, genuine love?and shows how we can eagerly, easily lift up those around us. An encouragement itself, The Joy of Encouragement is scriptural and uplifting, enabling you to bask in God?s love while simultaneously giving it away. The world is about to be radically reshaped?one word at a time.