Journal (Wirebound) (Do Everything in L)


By: Anon


ISBN: 9781642722512

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The vintage design of this Do Everything in Love Large Wirebound Journal adds a bit of classic beauty to any woman’s home or work environment. The cover offers the meaningful and important message “do everything in love,” while the four letters of the word LOVE are enlarged for emphasis and design. Intricate watercolor foliage of pastel blush, lavender, and olive, all detailed with shimmering silver foil grow around the block letters. The cover’s background is a classic ivory-white and allows the decorative words to stand out prominently and fully. One of the essential qualities to a spiritual life is love, and this journal spreads the word that every deed and thought should be brim-filled with this necessary characteristic.

This large journal has a durable hardcover and 192 lined pages. The notebook is spiral-bound with a matte brassy wire that furthers the book’s rustic appearance. A presentation Page is included to dedicate the book to a friend when you give it as a gift.  Each page has a Scripture verse for meditation.

  • Do Everything in Love Collection
  • Large Hardcover Journal
  • Wirebound
  • 27 lb Bond Weight Paper (Slightly thicker than regular stationery paper)
  • 192 Lined Pages
  • Packaged in Self-Seal Bag
  • Presentation Page
  • Size: 212 x 163 x 24mm