Intricacy, Design and Cunning in Judges


By: Davidson, E T A


ISBN: 9781425700775

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The Book of Judges in the Old Testament is a deeply-disturbing anthology of short stories about ambushes, assassinations, murders, dismemberments, spying, deception, underdog trickiness, lawlessness, sexual behavior, gang rapes, and the need for community reform and national leadership. Actually, Judges holds an infinity of meaning and is a great puzzle that has waited for centuries to be solved. Although widely studied by scholars, Judges has never been subjected to professional literary criticism and therefore has never been fully analyzed, understood, or appreciated. Intricacy, Design, and Cunning in the Book of Judges teaches one how penetrate the secrets of this ancient work, decipher its profound messages, and appreciate it as a masterpiece of world literature. Davidson’s book is the result of years of thinking and has been written in a thoughtful, easily-understood, but intelligent style that should give pleasure to any reader-layperson and biblical scholar.