In the Middle of the Mess (DVD)


By: Walsh, Sheila

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ISBN: 025986089450

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The trials we face can seem overwhelming, and at times we may wonder if our mess is “too big” for God. Sheila Walsh knows this feeling all too well—and the shame that results from it. In this six-session video study, she shows how using spiritual disciplines such as confession, prayer, and meditation on Scripture helped her break free from the cycle of despair and experience newfound joy in Christ. She reveals that while we will never be completely “fixed” on earth, God’s power can be made perfect in our weakness. He’s waiting to accept us—and promises to love us, heal us, and carry us through to the end.

Sessions include:

  1. Brokenness Is the Beginning (20:00)
  2. Brokenness Is Hard (20:00)
  3. Brokenness Is Loud (20:00)
  4. Brokenness Is to Be Shared (21:00)
  5. Brokenness Is the Path to Healing (20:00)
  6. Brokenness Is Temporary (21:00)

Designed for use with the In the Middle of the Mess Study Guide (sold separately).