By: Rosenberg, Joel


ISBN: 9781414319681

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The United States stands as the wealthiest, most powerful nation on the face of the earth. But now, in the midst of unprecedented and skyrocketing challenges, many wonder in America’s best days are behind her.

  • Will history’s greatest democracy stage a miraculous comeback, returning to the forefront of the world’s economic and spiritual stage?
  • Can America’s remarkable religious heritage be renewed today with another ‘Great Awakening’?
  • Or will the rise of China, Russia, radical Islam, and other external threats-coupled with the United States’ severe internal struggles-send her into a death spiral from which there can be no return?

Implosion will help you understand, through the lens of Scripture, the enormous economic, social, and spiritual challenges facing the United States in the twenty-first century and explain how you can make a difference at this critical crossroads in our history.