I Can’t See God Because I am in the Way


By: Bickel & Jantz


ISBN: 9780736926195

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When Christians look for a reason why they’re stuck in their faith, they often miss the obvious obstacle–their own belief behaviors. Steering clear of cliché solutions, authors Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz lead readers to uncover how, when, and where they get in their own way of experiencing a transforming, heart-igniting faith. This honest soul search invites readers to

  • consider God’s big plan and how they can join what He is doing in the world
  • commit to follow God’s wisdom rather than disregard it
  • relinquish their control so they can embrace God’s leading and His purpose for them

This is a thoughtful, inspiring call to spiritual self-examination so that readers can replace belief boredom with a hunger for God’s truth and a desire to renew their minds and spirits.