I Believe in Prayer


By: Newberry, Ian



ISBN: 1857925424

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Ian Newberry says that the objective of this manual is to ‘revive the flame of prayer in the heart of Christians and also revive prayer in the local church’.

It is an ambitious task, but one which is achievable if you follow the steps in this book.

He has produced a guide to prayer that will be of immense help to those churches wishing to inject new ideas to make the prayer meeting dynamic, attractive and organised with a window open to the needs of the congregation and community.

The special layout and structure of the book enables you to fold it flat for photocopying. It contains worksheets and overhead transparency templates which enable you to lead group studies on the subject and which help embed the lessons into people’s lives. It can also be used as a workbook for more intimate groups.

Do you believe in prayer? God does.





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