I Am Not a Social Activist


By: Sider, Ron

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ISBN: 9780836193961

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How can Christians today truly live like Jesus and be more faithful disciples? Ron Sider takes a fervent look at these and other foundational questions, many of which have been the passion of his life.

As founder and president of Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA), Sider for more than three decades has worked towards a meeting of the minds between two “branches’ of the church vine. In the essays in this book, Sider calls on those in the evangelical stream to become more aware and concerned about poverty, injustice, and peacemaking, while he urges socially active Christians to embrace the great commission and to be more committed to Christ than to political agendas.

In I Am Not a Social Activist Sider urges all Christians to “make the Incarnate One the center of all we think and do.”