How Am I Smart?


By: Koch, Kathy


ISBN: 9780802402837

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Help your children be smart with their smarts.

At one time or another, most kids will ask (or secretly wonder), “Am I smart?” But a better question is, “In what way am I smart?” Dr. Kathy Koch’s down-to-earth and practical guide to the theory of multiple intelligences helps parents and teachers discern and develop their children’s unique wiring.

How Am I Smart? will help you:

  • Identify how your child can best learn and study
  • Explore your child’s characteristic spiritual struggles and his or her ways of connecting to God
  • Learn how you can awaken and nurture your child’s weaker intelligences
  • Uncover how your behavior can paralyze your child’s smarts, and what to do about it
  • Recognize how your child’s misbehavior may be connected to his or her strengths
  • Discover creative teaching methods and potential careers that are ideal for each intelligence

Every child is some combination of the following smarts: word, logic, picture, music, body, nature, people, and self. The sooner you and your child discover his or her best smarts, the sooner you can nurture their potential and help them to flourish and use their gifts for God and others.





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