Holy Invitations


By: Bakke, Jeannette

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ISBN: 0801063272

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Exploring Spiritual Direction

For those who are actively seeking to grow in their Christian walk, it can be fruitful to have a special friendship with someone who can help them explore their relationship with God. This distinctive friendship forms the basis for spiritual direction, which is dedicated to listening for God’s ways, desires, and invitations.

Holy Invitations is a comprehensive introduction to spiritual direction written for both directors and directees. Jeannette Bakke, an accredited spiritual director who has been practicing and teaching this material for over fifteen years, is one of the first evangelicals to write on the subject. Bakke incorporates sample dialogue and reflective questions to acquaint readers with the unique practice of spiritual direction. Holy Invitations can be used by individuals exploring new approaches in their relationship with God, for spiritual direction training programs, or as a church or small group study guide.





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