Heroes of the Faith


By: Fedele, Gene


ISBN: 9780882709345

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Within the pages of this book you will find a generation by generation account of the lives of great and godly men and women who have changed the world for Christ, from the time our great Master walked the earth to the present day. These heroes of our faith were appointed by God and granted supernatural courage and strength to stand up against tyranny and unbelief, and carry the torch of divine truth in splendor and victory.

Today, Christianity, triumphant over all the conflicts of centuries, has built upon the example of its “heroes.” It shines brighter, clearer and with more world-wide healing in hits beams than ever before.

As you read the pages of this book, let your mind run through the list of these great and godly men and women, “the cloud of witness,” and find divine encouragement to persevere in your daily walk in Christ amidst the trials and suffering of this world. And may the eyes of your heart receive glimpses of the world to come.

Historical and inspirational biographies. More than 100 illustrations from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Each biography includes a list of writings by and of the individual.