Hebrew Gospel of Matthew


By: Howard, George


ISBN: 0865549893

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The present book is a revised edition of The Hebrew Gospel of Matthew according to a Primitive Hebrew Text (1995) in which the Hebrew text of the Gospel of Matthew as it appeared in Even Bohan is printed, accompanied by an English translation and an expanded and thorough revision of Howard’s critical analysis. An important thrust of this new edition is to establish that the Hebrew Matthew of the Even Bohan predates the fourteenth century. It shares many readings with ancient Christian writings, some of which were lost in antiquity only to reappear in modern times. These included Codex Sinaiticus, the Old Syriac version, the Coptic Gospel of Thomas, and a host of others. Howard also analyzes the language, artistic touches, and theology of the Hebrew Gospel. Perhaps most significant are the portraits of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist depicted in the document. Both portraits belong to an early form of Jewish Christianity – lost in antiquity – in which the Baptist plays a salvific role in the redemption of humanity and Jesus operates as a divine solicitor and judge.




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