A Harvest of Blessing


By: Buchan, Angus

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ISBN: 9781432119355

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In 366 devotions, Angus Buchan will give you the tools you need to grow in faith and live a fruitful life.

What does it mean to grow in faith? How do you get that first seed of faith planted in your life to germinate and grow into a fruitful, faith-filled life?

In A Harvest of Blessing, well-known author and evangelist Angus Buchan helps readers to do just that. Each of the 366 devotions includes a Scripture verse, a thoughtful meditation to grow your faith and a short prayer. Taken from The Bible with Grassroots reflections by Angus Buchan, this devotional offers readers guidance and encour­age­ment in their daily faith walk.

A Harvest of Blessing will give readers the tools they need to grow in faith and to trust God in every­thing.