Christian Comfort


By: Ellsworth, Roger


ISBN: 0852345402

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The Christian life is rarely trouble-free and there are many trials that the people of God have to go through. They frequently need comfort and can even become despondent as they seek to cope with personal trials and afflictions, and as they face the abounding wickedness and ever-increasing hostility of a godless world.

In this latest book in The Guide series Roger Ellsworth shows that the greatest comfort comes from God himself, who is indeed the source of all comfort. He is the one who can alleviate grief and encourage believers during the deepest of trials. There is no situation in which he cannot bring his comfort, and when we have experienced his love and care during such times we are encouraged to comfort others, until that coming day when we will sorrow no more because we are with him in eternity.

‘In a series of short, snappy chapters, Roger Ellsworth has helpfully set out a biblical response for virtually every situation and condition requiring comfort. He does so with the Christian primarily in mind; but he also has instruction for unbelievers too. He is clear, direct and challenging. A useful guide for those times when things seem to be going wrong.’   ~ Rev. Daniel Webber, Mission Director, European Missionary Fellowship, Welwyn





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