The Gospel According to Joseph Smith

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By: Harris, Ethan



ISBN: 9780875521800

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An encounter with a Mormon in the Army National Guard launched Ethan E. Harris on this study and analysis of Mormon theology. Extensive contact with members of the LDS since then has exposed him to many Mormon claims and arguments, some of which have not been dealt with in other Christian books on the subject.

To expound LDS views, Harris restricts himself to primary sources, seeking to avoid setting up straw men. He intends this work to be used by Christians, not only to learn more about Mormon beliefs, but also to evangelize Mormon missionaries and acquaintances. As the LDS finds itself in the midst of what the Christian Research Journal calls “enormous international growth and unprecedented public relations success,” evangelical Christians must continue to study Mormonism and point out its inconsistencies with Scripture.

“Ethan E. Harris’s critique of Mormonism is a valuable contribution. He approaches the topic in a unique and effective way, thereby providing Christian apologists and other students of Mormonism a very useful tool.” R. C. Sproul
“A good introduction to the serious differences between Mormonism and the historic Christian faith.” Ronald Nash
“Clearly, logically, and forcefully exposes the heretical nature of Mormonism. This work both challenges the confused Mormon and instructs Christians how to reach Mormons with the true gospel. I enthusiastically endorse this able and devastating critique.” Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.




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