God’s Outlaw (William Tyndale)


By: Edwards, Brian


ISBN: 0852342535

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As a young graduate from Oxford University, Tyndale embraced the doctrines of the Reformation and made it his ambition to provide even the ploughboy with a Bible he could read in his own language. Forbidden to translate the Bible in England, in 1525 Tyndale fled to Belgium where, until his death at the stake eleven years later, he spent his time in hiding to complete his work. At times with as many as five government agents searching the Low Countries for him, this farmer’s son from Gloucestershire wrote many valuable ‘tracts’ and gave his country of birth the first printed New Testament in English. Finally betrayed, his prayer at the stake was ‘Lord, open the King of England’s eyes’. In the same year Henry VIII ordered that a copy of the New Testament should be made freely available. Tyndale’s story provides an introduction to the issues of the Protestant Reformation through the life and death of one of the greatest English Reformers.





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