The Glory of Christ (Armstrong)


By: Armstrong, Elliff et al

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ISBN: 1581342985

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The whole Bible is focused on Jesus, from Genesis to Revelation; yet it is sometimes preached as if its sole purpose is to be a handbook for daily living, a guide for a happy marriage or for successful child-rearing.

While it is right to look to God’s Word for principles and insights regarding these practical issues, we must also see within its pages the fresh revelation of the person of God’s unique Son, Jesus Christ. The Glory of Christ challenges and guides readers in doing just that.

Chapters are drawn from sessions given at the Solus Christus: Rediscovering the Wonder of Christ’s Glory conference, presented by Reformation and Revival Ministries.

Contributors include John Armstrong, Jim Elliff, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., and J. I. Packer.

The authors believe that true revival will come only when we as God’s people return to the centrality of Jesus Christ. Recovering the wonders of Christ alone is not merely an antiquated slogan of the 16th-century Reformation, declares this book. It is the flame which will ignite a new reformation today.





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