Get Your Life Back (Study Pack)


By: Eldredge, John

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ISBN: 9780310097112

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We live in a time when the never-ending demands and pressures of life, work, family, and friends can leave us ragged, wrung-out, and emptied.  How do we find room to change anything?  In Get Your Life Back Study Guide with DVD, John Eldredge provides a lifetime of wisdom through a practical and deceptively simple blueprint for retaking control of your life and restoring peace of mind.  This 6-session Study Pack contains one study guide and one DVD.

Sessions include:

1. The One Minute Pause (16:30)
2. Simple Unplugging (18:00)
3. Get Outside (18:00)
4. Caring for Neglected Places in Your Soul (22:00)
5. The Hidden Life of God in You (17:00)
6. The Simple Daily Things (18:30)

Approximate running time: 110 minutes