Extraordinary Women by Grace


By: Whelchel, Mary

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ISBN: 9781845501761

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6 women from Jesus’ family line in the Bible, 6 women from Jesus’ family today in the Church – all ordinary yet all extraordinary!

As you read about these ordinary women, you will see how God’s extraordinary grace was extended to:

  • Fran’s dysfunctional family
  • Mary’s humble beginnings and lack of education
  • Judy’s wrong choices and illicit relationships
  • Pam’s illegitimacy and abuse as a child
  • Tamar’s victimization by the system
  • Camille’s sordid history with men

    Mary Whelchel’s conversational style, honed from successful broadcasting, make these stories of biblical and contemporary women linger in your thoughts – bringing you face-to-face with the life-changing power of God’s grace.

    You’ll discover that God transformed ordinary women in the past – and continues to do so today. Extraordinary Women by Grace offers hope and encouragement to all women, regardless of past failures, defeats, or missed opportunities.





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