Dragons and Dirt


By: Reyburn, Dalene


ISBN: 9780620624558

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We can change the world. There are God-dreams stitched into our DNA. He?s given us each a slice of history to live free ? full of wonder ? for his glory. So what stops us? What stops us from earning our numbered days, living on purpose and being the revolution? In Dragons and dirt, Dalene Reyburn battles the external life pressures that punch our dreams in the gut, and the internal heart entanglements that keep our capacity for good buried deep. Because when life happens, things break on the outside and things break on the inside, and what we do with that determines the fullness of our lives. We can look back with regret and look forward with fear and live a mediocre present. Or we can recognise that we have space and scope to leave the planet better than we found it. This book is a reminder that when we brave the dragons that breathe fire at the borders of our influence, and when we dare to be honest about the dirt we hide in our hearts, we can get busy living. We might even change the world.