Don’t Panic


By: Anon

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ISBN: 9781905564552

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Exams are a time of real stress for many Christian students – with loads resting on the outcome of the results. It’s a time when most need the re-assurance and guidance that God’s Word can give. That’s why we’ve developed Don’t Panic – an exam survival guide.

We’ve written it to encourage young people to keep their eyes fixed on God as they revise for exams. During times of stress it’s easy to let God slip down our list of priorities. Bible study and prayer can become optional extras, rather than essential. But these studies will help young people appreciate that through studying God’s word, God can encourage us, strengthen us and prepare us to serve Him even when we’re studying.

It includes 20 daily Bible readings for stressed-out students, revision timetables and practical short articles on revising effectively, exam technique and dealing with stress. Perfect for anyone who will be facing exams this year.

– four weeks of daily Bible notes, to give God’s perspective on getting through tricky times
– articles on coping with stress, what to do on the day of the exam, and more…
– includes a revision timetable and weekly prayer diary
– brainstretchers – puzzles and exercises to help keep your brain limbered up