Conspiracy of Kindness


By: Sjogren, Steve


ISBN: 9780830745722

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God is seeking to enter the heart of every person on this planet. Yet, for those who are not gifted evangelists, the task of communicating the Gospel can seem daunting. Fifteen years ago, Steve Sjogren published a groundbreaking book that has helped thousands of Christians share the message of the Gospel by performing simple, unexpected services. Conspiracy of Kindness enables every follower of Christ, from brand-new to mature believer, to become an effective evangelist through unassuming acts of kindness that communicate the love of God more persuasively than words. In this updated edition, readers will be inspired by this proven vision and simple strategy and by the real-life stories showing the amazing impact servant evangelism has had on Christianity throughout the world. Learn how churches, groups and individuals have used washing windows, cleaning toilets, putting coins in laundry machines and handing out sodas to impact their communities with the life-changing love of Christ. Although a simple premise, the conspiracy of kindness principle affects both those serving and those being served. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves?