Confessing Theology for Postmodern Times


By: Horton, Michael (ed)


ISBN: 1581341024

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In a world in which absolute truth, values and authority have lost their place, the evangelical church needs most of all to be a beacon of truth and light. Yet the relativistic mindset of our culture is seeping in, pushing aside biblical content to make way for personal experience even in churches that once held firmly to the doctrines of the faith.

The result, a watered-down Gospel, is having little impact on society or individual lives. It is a challenge that must not go unmet. In “A Confessing Theology for Postmodern Times, twelve confessing Christian scholars from various denominational backgrounds provide you with ideas and strategies for rising to that challenge.

They explore your resources for ” doing” theology in a postmodern world, as well as the obstacles and the opportunities it entails.” There is a crisis of truth in the world. This volume is evidence that you “can reach out to those who need the life-changing message of the Gospel and still hold firm to a systematic, biblical theology in postmodern times.





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