Colouring Pencils (Set of 24)


By: Anon



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This set of 24 coloured pencils comes with colours that are created for drawing and sketching.  The colours are listed below. The Pantone color number appears in brackets after each color.

  1. Lemon Yellow (101C)
  2. Yellow (102C)
  3. Warm Grey (11C)
  4. Orange (151C)
  5. Burnt Ochre (153C)
  6. Blush (1555C)
  7. Vermilion (172C)
  8. Carmine (191C)
  9. Red (200C)
  10. Hot Pink (212C)
  11. Violet (2587C)
  12. Purple (2685C)
  13. Prussian Blue (2767C)
  14. Blue (287C)
  15. Light Blue (299C)
  16. Jade (339C)
  17. Green (348C)
  18. Yellow Green (376C)
  19. Vandyke Brown (411C)
  20. Brown (478C)
  21. Black (4C)
  22. Moss Green (574C)
  23. Gold (872C)
  24. Silver (877C)

Each colored pencil in this set resists breakage, applies smoothly to all paper types and delivers complete coverage.

Use these pencils for Bible journaling, crafting, or simply colouring.

  • 24 Coloured Pencils
  • Incense-cedar Wood
  • Non-Toxic
  • Vivid Colors
  • Includes Gold and Silver
  • Smooth and Solid Lines
  • Smooth Shading and Blending
  • Thicker Wax-based Lead
  • No Lead Breakage
  • Cylinder Tube for Storage
  • Cylinder Dimensions: 196 x 48 x 48mm