The Church Leader’s MBA


By: Smith & Wright


ISBN: 9780982881484

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In The Church Leader’s MBA: What Business School Instructors Wish Church Leaders Knew about Management Dr. Mark Smith, Ed D and Dr. David W. Wright, Ph D teach you how to take proven management principles from the business world and apply them in your local church.

Unfortunately, most ministerial preparation programs do little to provide business and organizational tools to aspiring ministers. This book is written by ministers and organizational managers for church leaders.

The Church Leader’s MBA focuses on four areas of professional management skills that we believe ministers must develop:

  • The ability to develop an organization
  • The ability to lead people effectively
  • The ability to manage the operational elements of the organization
  • The ability to manage one’s own ongoing professional development

The church is both a human organization and a spiritual community. Our point in this book is that successful ministerial leaders understand both elements of this identity and master a set of tools related to the leadership of both of these elements.