The Big Book of Bible Truths 2


By: Ferguson, Sinclair


ISBN: 9781845503727

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We all love stories – can you ever have too many? There is no one better to hear about in a story than the greatest storyteller himself, Jesus. These stories will help you discover even more about him, his life – how he wants to get to know you.

Here are another twenty-seven stories that will teach you about what it means to belong to God’s family. There are lots of different people to discover, including an architect and a master craftsman. You will also be able to work out what a revival is and if Jesus’ mum ever got in a tizzy?

Sinclair tells many interesting stories that will teach you things you didn’t know before. God, Jesus and You – what a team! Now that’s a winning combination (no doubt about it!

There are illustrations throughout the book so it’s all set to be another of your family’s favourites! Includes Extra Features: Bible reading; lesson summary; prayer





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