Big Bible Little Me (PB)


By: de Bezena, Agnes Salem


ISBN: 9781432116040

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Give your child the best chance at growing up happy and being successful by teaching them good moral values through God’s Word.

Each of the 60 Bible stories (34 from the Old Testament and 26 from the New Testament) in Big Bible, Little Me is accompanied by a rhyming definition of the moral lesson that children can learn from the story, as well as a cartoon strip with an example of how this might play out in everyday life.

Some of the values that children will learn include:

·         Self-control (Adam and Eve)

·         Humility (The Tower of Babel)

·         Patience (Abraham and Sarah)

·         Honesty (Jacob)

·         Cheerfulness (The wedding at Cana)

·         Friendship (Jesus heals a paralyzed man)

     Big Bible, Little Me will show children that what the Bible says can and should be part of their lives every day.