Big Bible Little Me (Old Testament)


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Coloring fun and activities for your little ones.

Get your little ones excited about the Old Testament with this coloring and activity book!

Each of the 34 Bible stories in Big Bible, Little Me Old Testament Coloring & Activity Book are presented in a mini version of the original story and illustrated by adorable line drawings just waiting to be colored in.

The stories are accompanied by 34 fun activities to challenge kids and entertain them for hours. So get those pencils ready and let your little ones color their way through the Old Testament.


Agnes and Salem de Bezenac live with their two children in the countryside of France. Their love and devotion for children has led them to many a place and country, all the while gaining experience through media productions and educating children about life, good morals and biblical principles. One can tell through their books that they have a deep love for God and are happy to share it with kids in simple ways that they can understand, through art and positive illustrations.