Bible – Zulu 1959 Medium Black (PB)


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ISBN: 9780798217613

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“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations […]” Matthew 28:19

The Zulu Bible offers Scripture translated into the prominently South African Zulu language. Christ’s final Earthly command represented by the Great Commission, as stated above, is furthered by the publication of this Bible. God’s special revelation through the written word has taken a long voyage through many languages: from the original Greek and Hebrew into the Latin world and then onto the English language and now, with the publication of this Bible, into yet another language that humanity uses to communicate.


This Bible has been produced by the Bible Society of South Africa. Their mission is to serve the church and all the people of South Africa by providing affordable Bibles for everyone in their own language and in suitable formats so that all may experience the life-giving message of the Word.

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