Beyond the Impasse


By: Yong, Amos


ISBN: 1842272084

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From the outset, cultures and neighboring faith traditions have influenced the development of Christian theology. This process continues even today, as Christians in the West are encountering a whole host of other believers, including Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists.

As people of all faiths come together, Christians have begun asking some important questions: How does Christianity differ from other faiths? Can Christians learn from other religions?

And if so, can other religions learn from Christianity? Many Christians have looked to other religions and wondered whether Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus can be saved. But according to Amos Young, Christians should rather seek to understand the role and purpose of religions in the overall providential plan of God.

While not ignoring questions about salvation through other religions, Yong asks Christians to focus on the work of the Holy Spirit, which is both universal and particular. In other words, God creates human beings by breathing his spirit into them, and yet the Spirit is sent by Jesus to a particular group of people.

Recognizing the various understandings of the Spirit in Scripture helps Christians to take seriously the variety of world religions and consider that dialogue with these religions might well spark a renaissance of Christian theology in the twenty-first century.

Beyond the Impasse will appeal to pastors, students, and laypeople interested in formulating a robust, biblical, and comprehensive Christian theology of religions.





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