Between Athens & Berlin


By: Kelsey, David


ISBN: 9781610975650

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The 1980s produced an unprecedented large amount of literature and a vigorous debate on the purpose and nature of theological education in North America. Surveying and probing the major positions in this debate, David H. Kelsey argues in this book that the central differences between various voices in theological education emerge most clearly when viewed in light of “Athens” and “Berlin.”

For Kelsey, “Athens” and “Berlin” represent two very different and ultimately irreconcilable models of excellent education. In the case of de facto, says Kelsey, that modern North American theological education, for historical reasons, is committed to both models, resulting in ongoing tensions and struggles. Kelsey shows how a variety of significant thinkers – Newman, Niebuhr, Farley, Stackhouse, and several others fit in the Athens-Berlin framework.

In presenting a keen analysis of major themes and patterns of movement in the theological education debate, Between Athens and Berlin itself makes a significant contribution to the debate.