Beloved Disciple (DVD Set)


By: Moore, Beth


ISBN: 9780796309341

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Beloved Disciple: The Life and Ministry of John (DVD Set) by Beth Moore include all 11 individual sessions. Explore the life of the apostle John who must have thought that he had seen everything. Having been with Jesus all the years of His ministry, John witnessed more miracles than he could count, saw more displays of power than he could comprehend, and experienced more love than he could fathom. As the other disciples were martyred one by one, John remained to write his sublime Gospel proclaiming Jesus’ identity as the eternal Word of God.

  • Introductory Session: Beth introduces John as a disciple of Jesus Christ and how he is an example of how we must be willing to accept each invitation that Jesus offers us to follow Him (55:00).
  • Session 1: Fresh Winds Over Galilee. When we desire change in our lives, we must carefully follow Scripture in what God calls us to do. God desires our devotion to Him and His Word before we follow through in our actions (54:00).
  • Session 2: Sights and Insights. Though we may wander in our walks, God desires us to surrender complete control to Him. He will guide and see us through when we allow Him to work, instead of relying on ourselves for strength (52:00).
  • Session 3: Defining Moments. Beth looks at the first Christians and how they unified themselves in purpose and authority given from God. Together they glorified and honored Him (53:00).
  • Session 4: Beyond the Limits. God-breathed Scripture reveals eternal truths for all Christians. In John’s Gospel, his emphasis on God’s Word shows how He revealed more of Himself to us through His Son, Jesus Christ (54:00).
  • Session 5: Receiving His Fullness. Beth shows how Jesus Christ came to earth so that our Heavenly Father could reveal Himself to us through His Son (54:00).
  • Session 6: Life More Abundantly. God identifies with us through His Son Jesus Christ. Because of God’s plan and Jesus’ fulfillment of that plan, we can experience an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father (50:00).
  • Session 7: Letters From the Heart. Beth looks at John’s time on the island of Patmos. Though exiled on Patmos, John remained a faithful and dedicated servant of God. He obediently responded to record the vivid vision given to him by Jesus Christ (53:00).
  • Session 8: Among the Lampstands. Beth looks at the book of Revelation. Though full of mystery, details in Revelation give us a distinct glimpse of the kingdom to come. The unity of those who stand before and worship the Lamb of God represents all divisions among the inhabitants of earth (47:00).
  • Session 9: From a Throne’s Eye View. We as believers are covered by the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ and Satan can do nothing to uncover us. However, Satan will do everything he can to make us feel uncovered (55:00).
  • Session 10: Blessed Benediction. Beth looks at the Hebrew wedding traditions that tell us that the groom and his father made arrangements while the bride prepared herself for the wedding. Just as the wedding ceremony was marked by joy, we will experience great joy with Jesus Christ as our bridegroom (56:00).




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