The Beauty of Jesus


By: Pond, Clifford

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ISBN: 9780946462339

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For some people a book of daily readings is a devotional aid, a series of little helps heavenward, as someone once called them. If that is your idea then buy this book because it is one with a difference! Instead of milk there is strong meat and in place of general statements there is an express and robust presentation of the fundamental doctrines of Scripture.

This is not to say that the book is not devotional! Indeed, as one reads and responds to the teaching presented here, the teaching finds its fulfillment in worship and instruction its consummation in praise.

On the debit side might well be placed the fact that because the book is thematic, passages of Scripture are dealt with in a degree of isolation. In other words, there is not the progressive reading through whole books of the Bible which, in and of itself, is so beneficial. The use of the word progressive, however, reminds one that this book, in addition to providing a daily encounter with the great doctrinal themes of Scripture, could well be used as a basis for Bible class discussion.

Certainly there is ample material and here we are back to the credit side. See, for example, the author s discussion on pages 149-152 of progressive sanctification!

Buy the book and inform your mind. Read the book and warm your heart. Use the book and enrich your worship.





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