Be the Leader You Were Meant to be


By: Eims, Leroy


ISBN: 9781434702661

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Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. Becoming a successful leader is a continual, lifelong process. It’s a journey that requires discipline, intention, and drive. Yet true leadership is not about what we do, it’s about who we are. So how can we become leaders of integrity, passion, and excellence? Be The Leader You Were Meant To Be is a definitive resource for creating leaders who make a difference. Biblically-based, time-tested, and real-world proven, this landmark guide offers powerful, practical insights for personal and professional development. Inside you’ll learn:
  • How to cultivate the traits of an effective leader
  • Why some leaders succeed more than others
  • God’s standard for authentic leadership
  • How to resolve career challenges and difficulties
  • How to excel in any profession
Discover how you can make an impact in your workplace, on your team, and in your life. And uncover the leader that God intended you to be.




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