Baptist Theology: A Four Century Study


By: Garrett, James

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ISBN: 9780881461299

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In this book the fullness of the Baptist experience in Christian higher education is explored, charted, and analyzed. Beginning with the establishment in 1756 of the Academy and reaching to the present the author explores the need for Baptists to pursue education and the types of schools they founded. Included are colleges, universities, manual labor schools, literary and theological institutions, theological schools, and bible colleges. Special attention is given to women and higher education and the Black Baptist achievements. Details are provided about what makes a Baptist school Baptist: charters, trustees, presidents, support, church accountability. Chapters at the end of the typological and chronological narratives ponder the meaning of denominational education at present, with suggestions about the future of faith-based institutions and the failure of contemporary literature to attend properly to Baptist idiosyncrasies.





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