Assurance of Faith (Beeke)


By: Beeke, Joel

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ISBN: 082041428X

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Against the backdrop of the magisterial Reformers (with special attention to Calvin), Dr. Beeke examines the theological development of personal assurance of faith from 1600-1760 in English Puritanism and its parallel movement in the Netherlands, the so-called Second Reformation.

In-depth studies and comparisons of William Perkins, Willem Teellinck, the Westminster Confession, John Owen, Alexander Comrie, and Thomas Goodwin, convincingly demonstrate with fresh insights that the differences between Calvin and English/Dutch Calvinism on assurance arose primarily from a newly evolving pastoral context rather than from foundational variations in doctrine.

By a careful study of the role of God’s promises, the practical and mystical syllogisms, and the witness of the Spirit, this study breaks new ground in revealing how English and Dutch Calvinism developed a biblically balanced doctrine of assurance which the Christian church sorely needs today.





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