Ancient-Future Evangelism


By: Webber, Robert

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ISBN: 0801091608

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Following his well-received Ancient-Future Faith, Robert Webber presents a new model for evangelism and discipleship, the first in a series of four books applying his theoretical ideas to practical situations.

Part 1 of Ancient-Future Evangelism surveys evangelism and Christian formation throughout the church and then translates the process for twenty-first-century Christians. Webber presents evangelism as four distinct stages and suggests three accompanying rites of passage that can be easily adapted to any church tradition.

Part 2 underscores how the four-fold process of faith formation is interwoven with three theological principles: Christ as victor over evil, the church as witness to God’s salvation, and worship as a witness to God’s mission accomplished in Jesus.

Ancient-Future Evangelism will appeal to both emerging evangelicals as well as traditional church leaders.  It relates faith to Christian practice by drawing wisdom from the past and translating those insights into the present and future life of the church.





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