After Fundamentalism


By: Ramm, Bernard


ISBN: 9780060667894

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In this very interesting book, Bernard Ramm looks at Barth’s methodology as a proposal for evangelical theology. His contention is that almost everyone who comments on Barth doesn’t get Barth as well as he does. There is no doubt that Ramm knows the scope of Barth’s contribution very well. But there also is no doubt that he is absolutely fascinated by Barth, to the point where it is hard to see his critical distance from his subject. Despite this, Ramm has a point. Barth did something that evangelical theology desperately needs to do: take both modernity and historic orthodoxy seriously. I think Ramm gets that this involves a helpful theological tension – unlike other proposals for evangelical theology that want to land either with modernity or with an interpretation of historic orthodoxy. He is also doing us a service in extracting Barth’s methodology. That is the most useful piece for theologians, like myself, who are critical of Barth’s Calvinism. Other than the Barth can do no wrong rhetoric, this is a helpful and interesting book.