Acts for Everyone (Part 1)


By: Wright, N T


ISBN: 9780664227951

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Writing in an accessible and anecdotal style, N.T. Wright helps us to approach the rich and many-sided story of the book of Acts. Wright shows how the book builds on Luke’s gospel, laying out the continuing work and teaching of the now risen and ascended Jesus in the power of the Spirit. His writing captures the vivid way in which Luke’s work draws us all into the story, while leaving the ending open and challenging, inviting Christians today to pick up and carry on the story as we in turn live our lives in the service of Jesus.

About the Series
N.T. Wright has undertaken a tremendous task: to provide guides to all books of the New Testament and to include them his own Bible translation. The result is a superb series for those desiring deep engagement with the Bible and its enduring message for Christian life today.